Our Story

Fleekr was founded over an inspiring conversation about what the future of men's grooming should become. Before realizing Fleekr, we found out that most men still use conventional razors or even scizzors to trim their pubic hair, which could get very ugly especially if it's hair from the waist below.

Knowing that every man deserves to treat himself better, we decided to create a product that would turn a boy into a man. With the safety and confidence in the mind of Fleekr, our tools are engineered to minimize nicks and snags. Thus, after experimenting with over 100 types of blades over the course of one year, the BladeSafe™ Technology was created. With anti-nick blades with micro trimming teeth, no man should ever feel shameful for trimming ever again.

Fleekr was born.

In Fleekr, we believe that no man should be left behind. Thus, we've priced our products at an affordable rate although their features are of world-class.
We want to help you to love yourself and be the best you can ever be. So, if for any reason you find our products to be hard to love, do send them back within 30 days and Fleekr will give you a full refund. No questions asked.